At Fleetwood Auto Repair Surrey, our services are warrantied and come with our Surrey Auto Repair Guarantee! Please see a list of our full services below.
    • Brakes
    • Brake Repair
    • Tire Replacement
    • Tire Rotation
    • Tire Repair and Installation
    • Wheel Balancing
    • Alignment
      • Modifications
      • Mufflers/Exhaust
      • Air Conditioning
      • Coolant
      • Radiators
      • Fuel Injection

        • Tune Ups
        • Oil Changes
        • Scheduled Maintenance Service
        • Diagnostics
        • Electrical
        • Batteries

        TUNE UPS

        The nature of an engine “tune-up” has changed considerably over the years, but the basics of how a gasoline engine works has not.  Your Surrey Auto Repair Specialists a Fleetwood Auto Repair will ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape for safe driving. Another (often overlooked) service designed to help your vehicle’s engine run properly is the cleaning of fuel injectors and the fuel intake system. When dirt and deposits collect on fuel injectors, the amount of fuel delivered to the engine is restricted, leading to deterioration in performance and responsiveness. Fleetwood Automotive Repair’s trained technicians can perform a Fuel System Cleaning that will remove these deposits and help your vehicle maximize its performance and gas mileage capabilities. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s fuel ignition system is the key to reliability, fuel efficiency, and effective engine performance. From fixing a fuel system problem when it occurs, to helping you prevent one from happening in the future.


        Brake repair isn’t something you can put off and at Fleetwood Automotive Repair, we understand. BEING A SURREY AUTO REPAIR SPECIALIST We pride ourselves at making sure you don’t have those annoying squeaky sounds.  We offer a reliable, fast, and economical solution to getting your car back in-shape. With brakes and brake repair, the longer you wait, the more damage you might be doing. So drive into a Fleetwood Automotive Repair today, and feel good about driving again.


        We make getting your oil changed as painless as possible!  Getting your oil changed every 5000 Kilometres is very important for the maintenance of your vehicles engine. Like taking care of your body, your car needs to get proper maintenance as well. you can sit back and yawn while we put your new serviced vehicle sticker on. fresh oil in your car makes for happy driving. remember all jobs from big to small just come on down or give us a call.

         All jobs from Big to Small! Just give us a CALL!